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    Should I Update My Home Before Selling?

    By Admin | March 19, 2022

    Should I Update My Home Before Selling? A common question among home sellers is: do I have to update my home before selling it to get the best price? Is it better to sell my home as is? To answer these questions, you really have to look at the specific house and the current market.... Read More

    How Much Should I Invest to Renovate My Home?

    By Admin | March 18, 2022

    How Much Should I Invest to Renovate My Home? Often times when people move, they find themselves wondering how much money they should invest in renovations to their home. Is it worth it to pay for upgrades, or is it better to sell as is? Though it depends on your home and the market in... Read More

    A Sellers Market

    By Admin | March 17, 2022

    A Sellers Market Right now we are in a sellers market. There’s a low inventory of houses, a lot of buyers, and therefore a lot of competition in the market. Currently in the Northern Virginia area, many homes are getting multiple offers and are selling after just their first weekend on the market. Realtor and... Read More

    Finding Your Next Home

    By Admin | March 16, 2022

    Finding Your Next Home How do you find your next home? Realtor and Debbie Dogrul Associates Listing Agent Kathlene Holzhauer recently sat down with a client to talk about the process of selling a home and moving. In episode three of the four part series, they discuss what went into the process of deciding where... Read More


    By Admin | March 15, 2022

    Downsizing What does the downsizing process look like? When downsizing, a lot of people find that they have to get rid of some belongings when they move into their new home. There are a number options when it comes to managing this. You can pay for a storage unit, sell some belongings, or donate them... Read More

    Planning to Sell Your House

    By Admin | March 14, 2022

    Planning to Sell Your House Planning to sell you house can be a daunting process. When’s the right time to sell? Should I make updates to my home first? When it comes to updating your home, you don’t always have to do a complete overhaul. Sometimes a new coat of paint or an updated vanity... Read More

    Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Home?

    By Admin | March 13, 2022

    Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Home? Should you wait and save more money first? Well, waiting to save more money can sometimes have the opposite of the desired effect. If you wait to purchase a home to save more money, the price in that home could rise because of low inventory, multiple buyers,... Read More

    What Are the Tax Benefits of Owning a Home?

    By Admin | March 12, 2022

    What Are the Tax Benefits of Owning a Home? There are numerous tax benefits to owning a home. If you are paying a few hundred dollars more a month on your mortgage than you’d like to be, you’re going to get a good amount of that back after you file your taxes. Even if you... Read More

    Top 3 Things To Do When Buying a House

    By Admin | March 11, 2022

    The Top 3 Things To Do When Buying a House There are three big things you should do to prepare to purchase a home.   Number 1 – get your credit pulled. When checking you score, it’s important to remember that credit bureaus use different algorithms depending on whether you purchase furniture, or a car,... Read More

    What Is PMI and Do I Have To Pay It?

    By Admin | March 10, 2022

    What Is PMI and Do I Have To Pay It? “PMI” is what’s known as Private Mortgage Insurance. You may be required to pay PMI if your lender considers you to be a riskier mortgage recipient. The best way to avoid having to pay PMI is to put 20% down. As long as you’re putting... Read More

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